About us

EverKleen Company was established in January of 2001 as a division of Aaron's Carpet Cleaning of 1991. Aaron Miles and Joel Lickliter are the co-founders of EverKleen. Today, EverKleen is owned and operated by Cameron Lickliter.

Our joy at EverKleen is knowing that our customers are pleased with our service as it surpasses their expectations. No matter the service that we provide our customers we understand the root of the need; problems. Companies and households alike have problems, and EverKleen is a problem solving company. We strive to achieve excellence, whether that comes in the form of a sparkling restroom or the fresh smell of a perfectly cleaned carpet. Allow us to impress you, and watch your problems disappear. Call today and find out why we are the preferred Kleen.

Our Company

EverKleen was founded in 1991 as Aaron's Carpet Cleaning. In 2001, EverKleen developed as a subsidiary of Aaron's Carpet Cleaning, and has since become the sole company. We strive to offer excellent service to customers past, present, and future. Call us today, and be a part of the EverKleen community.

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 366

Monroe, NC 28111

(704) 845-1070


Phone Hours

Mon - Sat: 8am - 6pm
Sunday: Available to client emergent needs only


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