Frequently asked questions

What is dry carpet cleaning?

Dry Carpet cleaning is when we spread a product mixture containing sawdust, corn cob, and other natural absorbants among the carpet. Then we use an extractor machine with two large brushes to grind the product deep in the fibers of the carpet. The chemicals in the product will clean the carpet, while stains are absorbed by the natural sponge product. Finally, we apply a powerful process called pile lifting to vacuum the product up that contains the dirt and stains. The end result is left with the carpet pile standing tall, triangular patterns from our skilled technicians, and the fresh smell of the orange-scented product.

What areas do you service?

For Residential Carpet cleaning: In South Carolina we service parts of York, and Lancaster counties. In North Carolina we service Union, Mecklenburg, Anson, Cabarus, and Stanly counties. For Commercial Janitorial and Construction clean-up work: Union and Mecklenburg counties in North Carolina only. (Exceptions are rare, but possible)

Is there pricing available online?

At this time the only price available is for residential carpet cleaning. That price is $39.00 per room with a maximum of 250sq ft per room. We have a minimum charge of $75.00 per visit. For other services we do not have pricing available. Please give us a call to set up an appointment for your FREE estimate.

Our Company

EverKleen was founded in 1991 as Aaron's Carpet Cleaning. In 2001, EverKleen developed as a subsidiary of Aaron's Carpet Cleaning, and has since become the sole company. We strive to offer excellent service to customers past, present, and future. Call us today, and be a part of the EverKleen community.

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Phone Hours

Mon - Sat: 8am - 6pm
Sunday: Available to client emergent needs only


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